U.S. Embassy Panama loans Airport Security Equipment to Panama Civil Aviation Authority por AAC

Publicado: 03/05/2017

Panama City, [May 03, 2017]. As part of the joint efforts between Panama and U.S. authorities to improve regional transportation security, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) loaned equipment for aviation security screening. This endeavor, which began back in 2015, comes on the heels of the renewed global commitment to enhance aviation security standards as adopted by UN Security Council Resolution 2309.


The delivery entails several stages over the course of two weeks. U.S. and Panamanian authorities will work together to install the equipment throughout several airports under Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) oversight. By improving AAC’s screening capability, this new equipment will assist AAC in its sensitive task of guaranteeing the security of passengers originating and/or transiting through Panama.


With this loan, U.S. Embassy Panama seeks to continue strengthening bilateral security cooperation and friendship between both countries.


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